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Westminster Forum For Mental Health

The Westminster Forum for Mental Health is a service user led group for people who access mental health services in the borough of Westminster.  It aims to provide a voice for mental health service users in Westminster.
The group meets monthly, the Forum is hosted by Westminster Mind, supported by Fateha McDaniel, Service User Group Co-ordinator, and based at Westminster Mind in Pimlico.  Here are some examples of their work:
National Mind Forum reps and volunteers have been working colaboratively with national Mind on their quartely steering group on influence and participation meeting. Members are paid for their time and travel too.

A code of professional conduct in ward rounds and other meetings.
The code’s aim is to make the meetings less intimidating for the service user. It was initiated by the Westminster Forum and has been accepted by the Dept of Health as a standard of good practice applicable across the UK.
Directory of Services. In 2007 the group completed the construction of an online Directory of activities and mental health services in Westminster – This is extensively used by service users and workers alike and has been widely commended,  to increase the number of people who can access the Internet.
If you live in Westminster and are interested in the Westminster Forum for Mental Health, please phone Fateha McDaniel on 0207 259 8100 or email her at:


Hopkinson House, 6 Osbert Street, London, SW1P 2QU
020 7259 8100

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